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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Depression Get Out of Here!

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Do you sometimes feel at this time of the year that your stuck! Or even sunk! This is a happy time of the year for a lot of people, it is also a sad time of the year for some of us!

For those who don't have loved ones to share with, for those who don't have enough to eat! For those who could just use a big hug! Depression doesn't get talked about much because we all like to push it under a boat and forget that it even exists. I am depressed myself today!

My youngest son who is 27 was drinking and driving,last year! He hit another vehicle with my brand new truck and nearly killed two women! I was praying so hard every day for those women because I knew they wouldn't be home for Christmas! I just wanted for their families to be able to see them again! I also for my own sake wanted them to live so that my son would not be convicted of Murder! Talking about a rough year! I am going to be glad to see 2009 go.

My son moved out here from Oregon to try and straighten his life out with his battle of alcohol! That didn't work. He didn't have any friends to influence him....but with any can rule your life! He had two other incidents after this bad accident, telling me he is never going to drink again...then goes back to it!

He is sitting in a jail cell! He will be there awhile! Now thats the consequences of our actions, only guess who gets to pay! He has a good heart like most of us! He's been to rehab centers and half way houses, that lasted a short time. Didn't help the addiction! You may ask yourself...what helps? The turning around of one's life and mind.

What worked for you? I am depressed today knowing that I will not have my son for Christmas! You been there? Are you there now? God really is the answer, he can turn our thoughts around and let us look at situations differently!

Ok I am turning my thoughts around and I know that when he gets out of Jail....I will have a son that hopefully will look at life differently! Sooo... he won't be able to get a good job because he has a felony on his record...but he will have a life as long as alcohol isn't in it.

The good thing is this...I got a Christmas Card from him telling me that when he gets out he wants to go to Church! Whooooohoo!

Now that is something for me to scream Oh Yes! and be happy about! Look what I have to look forward too! Next year will be a great Christmas!

Depression is not a laughing matter...please if you have a couple on To Write Love On Her helps people who are struggling like you and me! They offer free counseling if you need help...please let them know! We care!

Let me know if you too have someone whom you love that is not going to be with you this Christmas! I know loss to I can relate! Give me a shout out!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!


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