Go Green!

Go Green!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Greenhouses for our beautiful flowers!


I personally can say I have never had a Green House for my flowers, for our Green Earth! Gardening I can say I have done! A lot of money I spend every year on flower baskets....what about you? Every year I have to spend money on Petunia Baskets and Begonia Baskets and Ferns, shall I say, shall we go on? The color of flowers make me smile and make me feel like I am a whole person, just by looking at all those colors! Silly isn't it!

Maybe instead of giving those nurseries all my money....maybe I should just buy one of these Green Houses for my flowers, that will help save our green earth and save money in our pocket books! (That's my logic for saving green earth,dollars...)! Eco Friendly Power Tools & More.">They have the largest selection of power tools, gardening items, they have a green garden manuel., and you know friendly products....wait.....stop right here!.......ok....stop right here!......Yep they have the lowest prices on the internet when it comes to Garden Tools!

*Environmentally safe products
* 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
* FREE shipping

Follow the link above and check it out! Green houses are really great, my brother always has one for his wife in Oregon. Let me know what you grow in your greenhouse! I personally grow a lot of tomato's during the summer and a few jalepeno's. Also green peppers which are great items, to carry over in the freezer in the winter. I also buy a lot of marigolds which help with the prevention of other insects!

I have some beautiful Roses that I pride myself in keeping throughout the year...wouldn't this Greenhouse be the ticket! You bet! What do you grow?

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