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Go Green!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dancing in a Rain Barrel? With no Shoes!

Have you ever seen that show with Lucille Ball dancing in the grapes? Makes you just want to split a gut! It's so funny! She's dancing barefoot in this large Rain Barrel with no shoes on... smashing grapes!

Have you ever danced in a rain barrel? Barefoot with no shoes? Sounds like fun!

I found these rain barrels that are made of 100% resin, they come in five different colors, Oak, Black, Khaki,Terra cotta and Green. Now which color do you need for your house? I would need terra cotta because my house is brick. They are on sale now if you are interested . If you are looking for some additional water to water those plants or to water your yard, you could save yourself a bunch of money and recycle your rain water. Just adjust your drain pipe that fits right in the top, let it catch the water in that great rain barrel,you can wear your shoes if you want to or go barefoot.
No dress code required for putting this rain barrel up against your house! Look how much water you would be recycling...This barrel that I am talking about is called the Rain Wizard 50, which means it is a 50 gallon barrel.

It's made of UV resistant resin, resistant to rust, mold, meldew and rotting and all that other stuff that's yucky! Will sit right up against your house because the back side is flat, they made the overflow valve at the top opposite the back side so that flooding of the barrel will stay away from your walls. The spigot for draining is at the bottom (not halfway up the barrel)! It has a screen mesh which is designed to keep bugs,animals and small limbs out while being real easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Has a one year Limited Manufacturer's warranty! These rain barrels are linkable to other barrels of increasing capacity in case you have a yard or plants that require more than 50 gallons of water. With the Rain Wizard 50 (rain barrel) you can order a stand which will keep the barrel off the ground for easier draining.

Ok get ready to take off your shoes and dance in a rain barrel. Hope you enjoyed this and I hope you will leave me a comment! I would love to hear even if you have seen that Lucille Ball show! Looking forward to your chat!

God Bless!


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