Go Green!

Go Green!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Biodegradable Reigns! Go Green Star Fish

I found a company that is willing to go the extra mile to conserve our environment. This company "Green Starfish, Inc." is a family business with a well established commitment towards eco friendly products.They identify and promote the use of products that contribute to sustainable living and provide viable and cost efficient alternatives to food containers and related disposable products that don't harm our environment. Go click here>">order your biodegradable products! I forgot to mention they have free shipping! Try this out for that loved one that is far away at school, so that they will know you care as much about our environment as they do.
Also, they have products made from sugarcane (bagasse) as well as those made from corn (PLA) Both 100% biodegradable.
More companies are beginning to realize that using biodegradable products is the only way to help protect our environment. We know that changes start at home! Do you care about your world? Do you recycle, do you use biodegradable products?
Make a big difference by using these products! Remembering to flick off the light switch or picking products that are better for our world, small changes can make a big difference!
Conservation International says that every year, we lose 32 million acres of tropical forests-an area the size of England. And every acre lost provided essential resources to people and the planet.
When you are having a family reunion(which I do twice a year),that may fill up those landfills,using those paper/plasticware used for food and beverages. Go to Green Starfish,Inc and order Biodegraddable products that are 100% compostable. What your looking for is the Corn-based dishware. An eco-friendly way to purchase dishware that is made from corn. From utensils,plates and trash bags,cups,bowls,trays,Green Starfish carries what you need! They will break down easily in landfills,many within six months. They are sturdy and strong,putting conventional plasticware out the door.
I care about our environment do you? What do you do to help our environment?
I would appreciate knowing if you recycle or are currently using any biodegradable products that add benefit to our environment.

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